Thursday, December 25, 2014

Affordable pre-wedding shoot dresses (below $70)

As I'm planning my wedding, I thought about our pre-wedding photoshoot and what I should wear. I did all my planning a la carte style so renting a wedding gown just for a pre-wedding shoot was rather troublesome, plus I probably wouldn't be able to get many gown changes unless I paid more. With lifestyle shoots being the "in" thing right now, I started to think about buying dresses off the rack. 

I still wanted to look like a bride-to-be, so white was the colour I was going for. However, the dresses shouldn't look like a gown and it also shouldn't look too plain. While I picture myself in white, I have planned for my fiance to be in a white shirt (folded sleeves) ans jeans.... :)

In my search for suitable and affordable pre-wedding shoot outfits, I chanced upon a few that I think would be helpful to those who have the same idea. Hopefully this would help brides-to-be in Singapore in their search for their perfect non-gown pre-wedding shoot dresses. 

1) Maxi, sheer, lace with a bohemian twist. I bought this from bYSI and I really like it! I love lace and the subtle touches on the sleeves to give it that romantic twist! This is from their holiday collection and it's currently going at a discount!

SG$69.30 (U.P. $99.90)


2) Lace (again!), short, fun and flirty are all that this short white dresses connotes. I also bought this for my shoot so that I can have multiple outfit changes ;)



3) Simple, sheer yet long enough to give it that flowy feeling. 

SG$59.90 (Zalora always has promotions so you could get this for cheaper)


4) Short and simple but the mesh flare gives it that extra twist. 



5) Key hole frills swing dress. Flirty! And that flare sleeve helps cover up flabby arms :) Perfect to look good at every angle!



Which dress is your favourite?

The perfect red lipstick for Asians

I have always shunned red lipsticks. When it smudges or stains the teeth, my night is literally over. Who knows how long my friends have been staring at those clownish lips for? And the many times my compact mirror needs to be flipped so that I can check if the lipstick is intact... 

In fact, I've always been more of a gloss kind of girl. The closest I've been to lipstick is when Chanel launched their Rouge Coco range - which felt more like coloured lip balm. It was comfortable and the colour was natural but it didn't have that much intensity. 

When my friend introduced Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in number 38 La Fascinante, my life changed. 

Image from

It looks pinkier on screen but it definitely is a red. Intense red lipstick. 

This is the first lipstick that almost comes packaged with compliments. I have worn other red lipsticks before but this, only this, will people sit up and notice. 

I usually only wear this shade of red for special occasions, like for an event or wedding dinner. And guests at the wedding have always asked me about this lipstick and are impressed by how lasting it is even halfway through a Chinese wedding dinner. 

The texture is great, easy to apply and lasting. Most importantly, I usually forget that it's on - it's that comfortable!

I have recommended this particular lipstick in this shade to my friends and colleagues and it suits all of them! We all work in the office and have regular to fair skin tones. It makes for a great gift as well since this red is so easy to wear. 

Unfortunately I recently misplaced this lipstick at a friend's wedding :( I'm definitely heading down to the counter to get another one soon. 

What's your favourite red lipstick? :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres' Twitter Oscars Selfie Sponsored by Samsung?

It's all over the entertainment news. Ellen DeGeneres and her legendary Oscar selfie cramped with A-listers featuring Meryl Streep, Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper (the one holding the phone), Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Lupita Nyong'o.

I've heard and seen so much on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that same image being shared by my friends in Singapore as well. 

Amazing exposure and virality for Samsung - it was a white Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that Cooper used to take the photo. 

I've read so many articles on Samsung's $18 million Academy Awards advertising deal and how Ellen's selfie was perhaps not the most spontaneous. 

Read Wall Street Journal's take here on Samsung's advertising strategy on the selfie and product placements for the Oscars. 

Samsung claimed it was unexpected and it would donate US$1.5million to 2 charities chosen by DeGeneres. This quickly spawned a retweet mayhem with nearly 100,000 retweets within 5 minutes. Within 90 minutes after that, it garnered more than 1.9 million retweets and 900,000 favourites, crashing Twitter.

But product placements and brand loyalty only last so long if it's not real. Check out MarketingLand's proof of Ellen tweeting from her iPhone before posting the pic from an Android. Apple should be happy about this since they didn't have to pay a cent. 

For those who are still clueless of the selfie taken at the Oscars:

Image above:

Image above:

Image above:
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